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Are you interested in the 3D Modeling process?

Let's get you scheduled for a free 30 minute tour to show you the workflow!

Later in the day works best for me. After 6pm. After you've gotten home from work.

I might be able to do earlier as well if I'm not too busy that day. Sometime after 1 pm.

I will personally walk you through the 3D Modeling process on a Google Meet Screen Share.

Brian Cloud Computing Circled.png

We will spend roughly 10 mins in Photoshop, 10 mins in Fusion 360 and 10 mins elsewhere.

Elsewhere could go a few different ways. At this point we could talk about Slicing files for

3D Printing or we could talk about Unreal Engine in order to do 3D Animation.

There's a lot you can do once you have something 3D Modeled!

Typically from here the models either get 3D Printed or 3D Animated... or both.

When you're ready to schedule your free screen share,

Get a text message conversation started with me using my only phone number below...

Catch me while you can because I'm only giving free tours when I have the time :))

When I get overbooked the free tours option will no longer be available.

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