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Do you have a product idea that you would like help bringing to life?

Hiring a company that uses 3D Modeling and 3D Printing technology might be the way to go for  you and your specific needs. If you already have a real life example that you would like to have modeled this would be the easiest way. You could send me the part or you can actually send me photos of the part and I can model it based on the photos. If not then you could just describe the part to me with just words or on a sketch of paper or in a Photoshop image or just describe what you want to me while on a screen share program like Skype (my Skype handle is 3DQuicky). This way I can build it right in front of you in real time while you're sitting comfortably at your own computer.

Pricing is $200 minimum per Fusion 360 project.


$100 bucks per hour for 3D Modeling & Slicer time.

$30 bucks per hour for the 3D Printing time plus resin costs.

Note: PayPal has a 2.9% transaction fee. However, Zelle is free » (602) 405-8586

If you're printing small parts there's a good chance the resin will cost less than $1 dollar and I only charge in $1 dollar increments. I will not annoy you by throwing change in the cost equation. I'll round the price down to the nearest dollar. So, if your resin is less than $1 dollar per print then I won't charge you for the resin costs. Note: $100 per hour might sound like a lot but when you consider how quick things can be modeled these days in high tech software such as Fusion 360, if your project is simple enough, there's a pretty good chance your part could be modeled in less than 1 hour.

I'll even give you 10 mins of initial consultation time for free.

I'll also give you 10 mins of conceptual Fusion 360 time for free.

Want me to sign an NDA? I'd be happy too. Email it to me.

Ready to start? Kool! Call me up! (602) 405-8586

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