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Want a cell phone bill that's less than $20 per month? 

Would you like to also be happy with the quality of service?

Ting is amazing! I was on T-Mobile for over a decade and paying $65 per month.

When I got on Ting the switch was easy! I ordered a new SIM card from them for $1 dollar and popped it into my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and was up and running within a few minutes from that moment. My first bill was free and now all of my remaining bills have been less than $20 bucks per month! I don't ever recall having any dropped calls and the data works fine for me. I'm also using my phone in the same amount and in the same way as I was when I was on T-Mobile.

Tings big game changer Flex plan only charges me for the data I use.

What a brilliant concept!      Isn't this the way things should be???

If this isn't good enough for you, guess what... it gets even better...    

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Here's mine »

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