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  • Introduction
    Hi and welcome. First off, lets address the elephant in the room. You may be asking yourself something like... Ahem. Why am I seeing Health and Nutritional Supplements on a 3D Printing Technology site? Well, Hi! I'm Brian and welcome to my world. I am not only a 3D Printing and Tech sort of guy. I am also an arborist by trade. More specifically I am a professional climber that specializes in tree and stump removal and this is a very labor intensive sort of job! This job requires me to be an athelete and in order to do this I need to be on top of my health game. The healthier I am the easier it is for me to perform in this type of business! I like things running smooth as can be when I'm out in the field climbing around in trees and chopping things down with chain saws and I'm happy to pay the extra money for top quality gear to achieve this. Watch this short palm removal video to see me in action. I'm currently one of the first YouTube search results for Palm Removal Phoenix. I have learned quite a lot of stuff about health, nutrition & life extension over the years and would like to share my knowledge with the world. I could have put this on my website but I am deciding to make my main knowledge base here on So, here it is. I've put lots of study and careful consideration to what's said here as well as the sources I've chosen to include. If you continue to learn and apply what's on this page you will undoubtedly feel better, have more energy and have more tasty nutribullet ideas to choose from along your journey to radiant health! Enjoy : ) Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a researcher that wants to share his findings with the world. If you experience any adverse effects from any of the products shown here on this page I will not be held responsible. You need to take responsibility for your own actions and if you want to have more reassurance when using these products you should probably consult with your doctor before doing so. Maybe even talk to a few doctors. Nutritionists would also be smart to talk to as well.
  • Xylitol Gum » Pur
    Xylitol gum prevents tooth decay? I found a great video of Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan Experience talking about how her tooth decay was basically gone just by chewing Xylitol gum. I ordered some Xylitol gum and tooth paste on Amazon and have been using it ever since.
  • Xylitol Tooth Paste » Himalaya
    Xylitol tooth paste prevents tooth decay? I found a great video of Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan Experience talking about how her tooth decay was basically gone just by chewing Xylitol gum. I ordered some Xylitol gum and tooth paste on Amazon and have been using it ever since. Actually I've already been using Himilaya tooth paste for over a decade. It's been the best I've found. No flouride. Then they make it even better!
  • Multi-Vitamin » One A Day » Mens
    I take 1 pill per day. Get all your basic vitamins in daily. A, B 6 & 12, C, D, E, K When choosing a multi vitamin, I made sure and found one that has Magnesium and Zinc. Thomas says Magnesium & Zinc is really important to have. One A Day Amounts: 99 mg 110% RDA Vitamin C 25 mcg 125% RDA Vitamin D 120 mg 29% RDA Magnesium 11 mg 100% RDA Zinc Here's Thomas's Magnesium & Zinc video... Thomas Recommends: 5000 mg or more per day Vitamin C 400 ~> 800 mg per day Magnesium If you want even more Magnesium, Thomas favorite is Magnesium L-Threonate because this is the only form that can get into the brain and improve cognitive function. He also recommends MagSRT. It's special. Watch their video. There's also studies that show Zinc helps prevent & treat covid... This web page is not really focused on covid and isn't really intended to talk about covid. However I feel it's appropiate to mention this here while talking about Zinc. So, this is the only place covid is mentioned on this page. Now, lets continue : )...
  • Plant Protein » Naked Pea or Sun Warrior
    How much protein should we be taking per day? Is it possible to overdose on protein? Lets explore and find out by listening to the scientists and other kinds of pros... Here's the Sun Warrior Pea Protein that Thomas was recommending. But I actually recommend the Naked Pea Protein because it's a much better bang for the buck! If you do the math, it's $55 bucks for 61 servings of 21g Protein per serving. Naked Pea Protein on Amazon is; $55 / 61 Servings = 90 Cents per 21g Protein SunWarrior Pea Protein on Amazon is: $31 / 30 Servings = $1.03 per 17g Protein SunWarrior Pea Protein on is: $40 / 30 Servings = $1.33 per 17g Protein After Thomas's 20% discount is applied it's: $32 / 30 Servings = $1.06 per 17g Protein
  • Collagen Peptides » Garden of Life or Sun Warrior
    I take 10g per day Garden of Life (1/2 a scoop). Benefits: 1) Helps Build Muscle 2) Promotes Muscle Recovery 3) Relieves Joint Pain 4) Improves Hair, Skin & Nails 5) Makes Sleep Easier 6) Healthier Liver 7) Helps Hormonal Balancing. Especially in Females Collagen Type 6: Protects Brain From Cognative Decline Such As Alzheimer's Note: Collagen Type 6 is not found in SunWarrior, Perfect Keto or Garden of Life brands. Haven't found it in any brands so far. All of those are Hydrolized though which is required for our bodies to absorb it and make it bio available. But if when we consume collagen it causes our bodies to produce more collagen... is collagen type 6 one of the types that gets made? Garden of Life Collagen on Amazon is: $31 / 28 Servings = $1.10 per 20g Peptides & 18g Protein SunWarrior Collagen on Amazon is: $65 / 40 Servings = $1.62 per ??? Peptides & 14g Protein SunWarrior Collagen on is: $65 / 40 Servings = $1.62 per ??? Peptides & 14g Protein After Thomas's 20% discount is applied it's: $52 / 40 Servings = $1.30 per ??? Peptides & 14g Protein Note: SunWarrior doesn't say how many grams of Peptides they're putting in their product. So It's kind of hard to compare exactly. Still I think it's safe to say the SunWarrior cost is much more than Garden of Life.
  • Creatine » ON » Optimized Nutrition
    I take 5g per day (2 caps). Creatine is a pretty popular supplement. But why? What should you think when you think Creatine? Benefits: 1) Antioxidant 2) Exercise Performance 3) Muscle Recovery 4) Reduces Mental Fatigue by 5 to 15% 5) Ameliorates Cortical Brain Damage by 36 to 50% 6) Helps with Huntingtons and Parkinsons disease 7) Increases Aging Muscle Mass, Muscle Performance & Decreases Risks of Falls Lets see what Thomas DeLauer has to say about Creatine... Lets see what Dr Brad Stanfield has to say about Creatine...
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine » Healthy Way
    I take 2000g per day (2 caps). Have you heard of L-Carnitine? Here's a few benefits of taking it: 1) Burns fat 2) More energy during and after a workout 3) Boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight 4) Aids the body's immune system But have you heard of Acetyl L-Carnitine? If so, have you heard the difference between the 2 different forms? Lets listen to Thomas DeLauer break it down for us... In short he basically says it helps us to improve cognative funcion improving things like memory. Thomas says it "reduces cognative decline as associated with Alzheimer's, associated with dementia, associated simply with regular aging. But even more recently, the cognative decline that's associate with Lime disease. And those of you that know about auto-immune diseases and inflammation are gonna find that very interesting... that Acetyl L-Carnitine is going to help reduce that brain fog". He says this is possible by Acetyl L-Carnitine allowing the brain to run on fats instead of just running on glucose. Now, Thomas is a pretty scientific sort of guy and he also obviously applies his scientific knowledge to his body which is quite visually obvious. But now let's hear an actual doctor talk about the science on Acetyl L-Carnitine. Lets see what Dr Brad Stanfield has to say...
  • Boron Complex » Horbaach
    I take 12 mg per day (2 caps). Why? 2 main reasons in my case. 1) Helps Burn Belly Fat 2) Increases Available Testosterone Lets listen to what Thomas Delauer has to say to learn more...
  • Liquid Stevia » Now
    I put it in my orange juice and tea as needed. Actually first I bought a different brand so I could get the eye dropper kind of bottle. Then I re-fil the eye dropper bottle with this Now 8oz bottle. The 8oz bottles are so much cheaper than the eye dropper bottles. I've heard lots of people complain about the bad after taste stevia has. Well I used to notice that too but after I started buying the liquid stevia I found the after taste problem went away. I don't even notice an after taste anymore. Stevia is said to be the only known sweetener with zero known side effects. Though I have talked to a very small amount of people that had some kind of weird mild reaction. Even people with diabetics are supposed to be able to have stevia with no problems. I have been taking stevia regularly for over a decade and love everything about my experience : )
  • MCT Oil » Intentionally Bare & Horbaach
    I take 1 TBSP with 1st meal. And 1 TBSP with 2nd meal. Benefits: 1) More Energy 2) No Fat Stored During Energy Creation 3) Burns Fat Thomas says we have to have it in C8 form. Horbaach is MCT Oil is in both C8 & C10 form. But Intentionally Bare is Pure C8 and costs a little more money. Lets listen to Thomas DeLauer tell us more... Note: The Perfect Keto MCT Oil that Thomas recommends in this video is more expensive than the one's I've found above. I'll get you a better deal if you click on one of the MCT Oil Images I've posted above : ) Also I wouldn't recommend drizzling it on your food because (as we all know) a significant amount of it can remain in the bowl (then go down the drain) after your done eating instead of making it's way into your mouth. MCT is very concentrated and it's cost does affect the bank account. So I like to make sure all of it makes it into my system by putting it into my tea. I also like to put some liquid stevia into my tea to make it taste better : )
  • Olive Oil » Oleic Acid » Pompeian
    I take 2 TBSP per day in my tea when I wake up. Note: It has to be Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Benefits: 1) Activates Anti-Aging Sirtuins This is the main reason I'm taking Olive Oil! Activating Sirtuins is what's needed to get NMN to work really well. So, Olive Oil is actually the first thing I take when I wake up. I want to make sure my Sirtuins are activated when I take my NMN about 5 mins later. Also David Sinclair says that NMN also needs Fatty Acids available for NMN to work well. Olive Oil is LoAdEd with Fatty Acids! Then I get more fatty acids when I drink my NutriBullet fruit smoothie because I put a heaping scoop of Peanut Butter in there along with my protein powder. Resveratrol used to be the go to thing for activating Sirtuins when taking NMN. But now it looks like Olive Oil is a much better option. Olive Oil is roughly 70 ~> 80% Oleic Acid. Dr Brad Stanfield says "Oleic Acid, it looks like it wipes the floor with Resveratrol. Oleic Acid is roughly 10 times as potent, is more Bio-Available as Resveratrol and because of the machanism's involved, it doesn't look like Oleic Acid stresses the cells like what Resveratrol does". More Benefits: Thomas has great intel as usual!
  • Trans-Resveratrol » MegaResveratrol
    Hmm, To Res Or NOT To Res? I stopped taking Resveratrol and take Olive Oil instead. Benefits: 1) Reversed ~40% Increase In Arterial Stiffness Associated with a High-Fat-Sucrose (HFS) diet in Mice 2) Decreases Neuro-Degenerative Disease 3) Decreases Cancer 4) Decreases Cardio-Vascular Disease 5) Increases Autophagy in Cells Problems: 1) If you give it as a dry powder to ananimal or a human it's less likelly to get absorbed.Include it with a bit of fat and it'll go up 5 to 10 fold in the blood stream. 2) It's light sensitive. Studies have shown that upon a few hours of solar or UV radiation, trans-resveratrol undergoes isomerization into the less active cis-resveratrol form. This is where it turns brown. If you use brown resveratrol it won't work. So you gotta keep it in the dark in the cold and it'll be fine. More Problems: Dr Brad Stanfield sets the record straight here...
  • BCAA's » Best Naturals
    Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are pretty well known in the gym scene. I only take these when I'm lifting weights or if I'm doing something on a day that will be physically exerting enough to make me want a little performance boost. Typically I don't need or want an extra performance boost on top of what supplements I'm already taking because I already have plenty of energy. Thomas DeLauer breaks down MTOR pretty nice here in his Tripple Stack video. ...HOWEVER... David Sinclair actually says that these aminos that activate your MTOR pathways have a down side as far as longevity of life is concerned! So, you might wanna keep this in mind when considering if you're gonna take these BCAA's. Now, if you are gonna take these for a performance boost or muscle building or both, Thomas DeLauer says it's very beneficial to Stack these 3 amino's on top of each other. Creatine, Cartinitine and Leucine. If we read the BCAA label here it says specifically that 1600 mg of Leucine is one of these amino acids in these BCAA's. He also says you should be taking somewhere between 2000 and 3000 mg of Leucine.
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