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Wix will you kindly remove NULL values from Boolean DB Fields?

A Boolean variable is supposed to only be able to hold 1 of 2 possible values: true or false.

However a bug in the Wix database allows Boolean db fields to hold 3 possible values: true, false or null!


This can be extremely confusing and annoying when trying to select DB rows that are not true. So I have set up a Wix database with a drop-down select box that has the ability to select rows based on their 3 Boolean values: true, false or null.


Clicking on any one of the four Insert New DB Row Images will insert a new row into the database by running the code shown in the image. There are 4 different ways to set a Boolean field value as shown in the 4 different images below.

Delete All DB Rows
Please Hide Your Sensitive Data
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Insert New DB Row boolField = TRUE.jpg
Insert New DB Row boolField = FALSE.jpg
Insert New DB Row boolField = NULL.jpg
Insert New DB Row boolField = NONE.jpg
BooleanBugTests DB Structure.jpg
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